A new friendship thanks to language identity and Verbling

two friends in buenos aires, argentinaIn November, I paired up with this guy, Nicolas Berroeta, on Verbling and told him about my plans to study abroad in Argentina. 8 months later, I found myself, sitting next to him on a roller-coaster(which I normally hate) at an amusement park in Argentina. I couldn’t believe it.

After I mentioned studying in Argentina, he immediately offered to help me practice so I wouldn’t be lost in the lunfardo, or Argentine slang when I arrived here. From then on, we usually spoke once a week via video-chat. I felt extremely thankful that he wanted to prepare me for my time here. As a result, the preparation facilitated the transition from Mexican Spanish to Argentine Spanish and I arrived without any worry in not understanding the Argentine dialect.

A few days after we arrived, Nico traveled from his hometown Tandil(about 4 hours away) to Buenos Aires to stay and show my girlfriend Stacey and I around the city.  I couldn’t believe I was actually meeting him in person after communicating solely through my computer.

He turned to be one of the nicest and most fun guys I’ve ever met. He brought us some Havana alfajores as a welcoming gift and took us to an amusement park in a city called El Tigre where Stacey and I went on the scariest rides of our lives(at least thus far)!

Afterwards, he invited me to visit his hometown Tandil for a few days where I met the nicest people, ate the most delicious meat and had one of the best experiences of my life. He showed me the best hospitality and generosity I could have asked for.

Tandil, Argentina is a very beautiful place

Now, it’s safe to say he is one of my closest friends and I’m certain our friendship won’t end here. I’ll be back in Tandil in less than two weeks and I couldn’t be more excited!