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Next trip: teaching English in Shanghai, China for two months!

what to pack for two months in shanghai china for an internship teaching english

[Everything I’m bringing to Shanghai minus a daypack with a few belongings]

So I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted on here but I hope you’re still interested in being a part of my journey! The next chapter takes place in: Shanghai, China.

Seems kind of random right? Well, there’s a good reason I’m going to Shanghai this summer! Lucky for me, Katie, one of my good friends who I’ve known since elementary school, told me she was doing an internship through the company her dad works for in Shanghai this summer and her dad was able to find me a job as well doing what she’s doing- teaching English to teenagers at a private English institute-

Between May 26th and July 23rd, I will be sharing my observations and experiences here about my life in Shanghai! I fly out on Sunday, May 24th and will be traveling from Los Angeles to Vancouver to Shanghai! Hopefully there will also be a 10 day trip to Thailand that Katie and I are planning on taking towards the end of our internship. If this sounds like something you might be interested in reading about and seeing pictures, definitely subscribe and I’ll promise to do my best to keep you informed and entertained for the next two months 🙂

Lastly, I want to give a special thanks to the University of Arizona Honors College for generously helping me fund this opportunity with a scholarship. I honestly wouldn’t be able to afford it without them. Sending lots of love their way, to the UA and Tucson ❤



Post Study-Abroad: New Appreciations at the University of Arizona

photo of the university of arizona

On Monday, I moved back to Tucson to start my second semester as a sophomore at the University of Arizona. I decided to live on campus again in the dorms because I loved my residence hall(Árbol de la Vida) last year. Even though I’ve only been here for two days, I’ve already noticed these once forgotten appreciations of living on campus and going to a large university compared to my experience in Buenos Aires. Here’s a few:

Having a roommate is fantastic(especially one that is Argentinian ;))

While living by myself was enjoyable, I really appreciate having a roommate once again. I always have someone around to hangout with or chat and it’s always a pleasure to start a new friendship.

Living in a residence hall and being a member of a community

I remember appreciating it my freshman year but being here only two days reminded me of how awesome it is to live two minutes away from my friends. Even more so than living with friends, I’ve met lots of really nice and interesting people on my floor and around the residence hall. I enjoy being a member of a community and love how well a residence hall fosters the community aspect.

Access to over 500 clubs and organizations and the recreation center

Now my university in Buenos Aires had a few clubs here and there but they weren’t nearly as boundless as the 500 clubs or more at the U of A. I just joined a new club called Camp Wildcat and will be volunteering to help provide cost-free fun activities for the youth here in Tucson! Furthermore, the excellent recreation center and gym on campus because I can go play a pickup basketball game just about whenever I want and it’s only a 10-minute walk away.

The classes I can choose from are ENDLESS!

I hadn’t thought about this really until this week but attending a large university like the University of Arizona has priviliged me with the opportunity to choose from an immense amount of intriguing classes. This semester, I was lucky enough to find seats in fascinating courses such as The Structure of Spanish, Major Works in Latin America, Heritage Photography, Spanish Phonetics, and Wording Pictures.

Well, hope you enjoyed this week’s post! See you next week 🙂