joe previte in argentina

My name is Joe Previte and I have a goal. I’m 20 years old and want to write about my different experiences in life about the things I learn and the things I discover. I hope to inspire you to follow your dreams, travel the world, explore different cultures, and share your passions with other people.

Inspired by Chris Guillebeau, I originally started this blog with the intent of practicing my written Portuguese. After a few weeks, I wrote a blog post in English and realized how many more people I could connect to in English and that I’d rather use my blog for something bigger- something that could change peoples’ lives. I want to share experiences that people can relate to that; that have purpose; that people are interested in hearing.

My goals in life: to explore life, challenge the status quo, try to understand as much as a I can in this world and not just look at one side, appreciate the little things, and practice selflessness all with the ultimate goal of reaching my full potential as a person by making a long-lasting impact on the world however I can.

My goal with this blog: to craft short inspiring posts that share my experiences and reflections on life.

Please introduce yourself! I love creating new friendships ūüôā You can fill out this form to contact me:

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