Farewell AZ- Utah, Wyoming, and Ecuador Bound

I am sitting in my hostel in Salt Lake City as I write this. I would have liked to write a more elaborate post but I don’t have the time right now.

I wrote about what I’m doing this summer in a previous blog post that you can find here-https://jjprevite.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/volunteering-zip-lining-rafting-hiking-snorkeling-and-surfing-with-highschoolers-in-ecuador-and-the-galapagos-islands-this-summer/

In short, I will be spending 4 days in Utah, 21 in Wyoming and a month in Ecuador this summer. Unfortunately, I won’t have time to write any posts but I certainly will when I return to Arizona on August 1st.

So see you then! Enjoy your summer!


  1. Joe – when you are abroad, don’t forget to take high resolution photos for the contest next fall! I know you will get some good ones.. Safe travels~!

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